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Form, Function and Flow

2 hour online workshop with Guru Parveen Nair

I am super delighted to announce that Parveen Nair will be teaching a 2h online class on Form, Function and Fluidity!

The two hour class is a classical Yoga asanas exploration with a flavor of calisthenics movements and somatic awareness. The class will begin with a passive dynamic Vinyasa for the fascia lines in the body, by exploring at the 3 plans of movement. The class continues with fun hip stabilizing and mobilizing seated asanas. Thereafter using the hips and leg strength we shall play with the center of gravity by moving from seated positions into standing. The class will unwind with Somatic dorsal movements to bring awareness back to the breath and rest.

Personal investment. 17€

Notice that I will translate the workshop simultaneously into spanish

You can either join the class live via zoom or you can enjoy the class afterwards in your own pace.

The class will be recorded on online until the 9th of July.

For booking or further information please contact Carmen Mar at

Do not missout the chance to meet this highly knowlegable teacher and enjoy a very special class which will give a deep inside about the movement of the body.

Parveen Nair - Malaysian yoga guru Hyengar

A Malaysian by birth, residing and teaching in the foot hills of the Himalayas, a travelling Yogi. Shri Parveen is also a professionally trained classical dancer in both highly revered classical Indian dance, Bharatnatyam and Odissi.
Since 2002, Shri Parveen ji has applied himself assiduously in mastering this ancient art of wellness beginning with the Shivanada Yoga tradition and later trained under his mentor, the late Yogini Karin O’Bannon in Rishikesh. Over the years, his Yoga journey of Swadhyaya (Self-Study) has led him to intertwine the physical practice of Yoga with the gloss of spirituality. His teaching is highly influenced by the teachings of the great Yogi Shri Bagawan Ramana Maharishi and Shri Nisargadatta Maharaja, Shri Parveen perfectly blends the sublime with the dynamic in his teachings.

Acharya Shri Parveen established and co-founded Yoga Sadhana, two Shalas in Malaysia, one in Shenzhen City China and one in Berlin Germany. The door of his Yoga Shala in Rishikesh , the world Capital of Yoga, is always open to aspirants who are seeking to explore the subtle undercurrents of Yoga.

Be it grasping the technical aspects of asanas, exploration of one’s vital energy through Pranayama, or surrendering to the surreal through Meditation. letting oneself drown in the exalted flow of Kirtanas or understanding the mystery of life in his Advaita Vedanta philosophy classes, Shri Parveen ensures that you have a life changing experience.

The Yoga Self-Discovery Retreats conducted by Shri Parveen has now become highly popular. You are left spell bound as he presents a delicately interwoven panorama of the non-dualistic approach to every situation. His expertise in the field of Vedanta philosophy is reflected in his retreats as well as daily classes. What sets him apart as an extraordinary teacher is his prowess in deciphering the holy scriptures of ancient India and imparting the essence to his students.

Shri Parveen ji also conducts Yoga retreats, Yoga Teachers Training Courses, Yoga Intensive Workshops internationally. He has worked with many yoga teachers and schools around the world, and has been re-visiting these schools annually since then. Countries that Shri Parveen ji often being invited for teaching are Greece, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Thailand, China, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia apart from various parts of India.

Parveen brings something unique to the Yoga mat as he takes you through the intricacies of alignments, mindfulness, connectivity and the universality that Yoga embodies. It is change in attitude he strives for more than change in action, for only thus according to him does spirituality yield its secrets


05 Jul 2020


GMT+1 (Germany)
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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