Strengthen your body, mind & will power


In this 4 week program, you will find classes and techniques to strengthen the body & the mind and cultivate a sense of calm so you are able to lead a healthy, happy and empowered life.

I will be guiding you in a methodical and progressive way during this journey with 4 practical sessions (sadhana) so you can create a lifelong routine that will help you to develop will power to strengthen body and mind through different aspects of yoga such as breathing, meditation and dynamic yoga.





For those who want to develop discipline to strengthen body and mind, in a methodical way, feel transformed, energized, and ready to jump start a new chapter in their life.

It is suitable for beginner & intermediate yogis. It can also be interesting for newbies or those who, although they are not so interested in yoga, want to incorporate a daily routine that works the body and mind.

Body and Mental Strength

You will regain or maintain good physical and mental shape.
You will develop awareness of the breath, using it as a link between the mind and the body.
You will be aware of the obstacles of the mind or afflictions and refine your listening skills when they show up in your language or monkey mind.
You will know how to modify stress levels and generate states of relaxation

Behavior & emotions
You will learn tools about how to establish a practice routine at home.
You will improve the way you deal with emotions in everyday life including challenging situations.


You will establish healthy habits that will have an impact on your health and psychological well-being.
As you increase you will power on the mat and off the mat, you will develop self-confidence
You will improve the quality of the relationship with your self and the others as you become more mindful.

1 Intro- Video 
How we will achieve our goal in four weeks

4 Sessions live each 1.30 h

  • Session 1. Standing asanas for legs and balance
  • Session 2. Healthy back
  • Session 3. Core awakening
  • Session 4. Hip openers

4 breathing practices- pranayama

  • Ujjayi
  • Kaphalabhati
  • Nada Shodana
  • Bhramari

4 meditation techniques- Dhyāna

  • Mindfulness
  • Tratak
  • Japa
  • Chakra meditation

4 relaxation techniques

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Body scan
  • Deep breathing
  • Mindfulness for stress relief (Mindfulness listening, Mindful eating & beginners mind)

3 Bonus content

  • Weekly challenges
  • Calendar
  • Diary

After registration

As soon as you sign up, you will receive an Intro- Video and 2 bonus content and the link for the Zoom session. Every week, we will focus on a new theme based on one of the asana families and we will relate it to the Kleshas (obstacles of the mind or afflictions) of the yoga philosophy to understand the meaning of the practice and achieve our goal. All sessions include a different breathing exercise, meditation technique and guided relaxation.


The sessions will take place in Zoom every tuesday from 18.30 – 20pm (GMT +1, Berlin time).

1st tuesday of the month – Standing asanas for legs and balance
2nd tuesday of the month – Healthy back
3rd tuesday of the month – Core awakening
4th tuesday of the month – Hip openers

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