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As soon as you sign up, you will receive an Intro- Video and 2 bonus content. Every week, we will focus on a new theme based on one of the asana families (standing asanas, back, core and hip openers) and we will relate it to the Kleshas (obstacles of the mind or afflictions) of the yoga philosophy to understand the meaning of the practice and achieve our goal. All sessions include a different breathing exercise, meditation technique and guided relaxation.


The program is in a group, through Zoom, so that you can do it wherever you are. You will receive the link and password for the Zoom sessions by Email right before the month challenge starts 



Time with Carmen is always a mix of fun, tranquility, being with the others and deeply with myself, releasing and opening the body and soul. I warmly recomend to let Carmen guide you through yoga,meditation and dance.It is worth it!


The room just lights up when Carmen comes in. Not only is she a wonderful human being with a high level of life experience, empathy and compassion, she is also an excellent yoga and dance teacher and a unique artist with life-changing potential.


If you want to learn how to bring your mind, soul and body in balance, I would highly recommend to go on a yoga journey with Carmen. I love her style of teaching as it is much more than just learning a yoga pose or dance move. I learned to let go and appreciated every moment in the class.


Carmen is simply out of this world! She knows the map of the body as she had lived 100 lives! She brings something completely new on the table and makes everyone feel challenged and comfortable - no matter if it’s your 1st or 100th class! Her good vibes are simply contagious and the way she works with the sound and movement is one of a kind. So grateful to have her as a teacher and always looking forward to learn more. You just have to meet her!


Carmen is a wonderful yoga teacher/person! Her classes were so much fun; I loved all the different types of meditation we tried. Carmen really inspired me to continue my practise at home as well! I can't wait until our paths cross again!

Alba & Dat

I love your warmth, energy and passion in everything you do. Carmen is simply the best teacher i have met so far. so much fun and energy!

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Strengthen your Body, Mind & Will power

49 €

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Yes. With effort, discipline and being consistent over the time you will notice the changes in your mind and in your body as side effects.

The virtual sessions LIVE will be by Zoom. You only need to have the Zoom application.
If you are not registered yet, here you have the link to do so and download the application. I will send you an invitation every week to access the meeting by clicking on the link.
Please check your spam if you do not receive an email.

The program starts with the Zoom lesson the first Tuesday of every month and last 4 weeks.

We will work the same 4 themes every month but thought different asana sequences. This is why you can choose to do the program all over again and enrole for the next month too. It won't be the same, even if the main goal remains. You will consolidate your discipline to strengthen the body and mind and it will increase the chances that your routine becomes a habit- next level!

If you need more personal support you can send me an email to I will be also posting content with valuable tips about how to strength the body and mind in my IG so follow me and tell me how is helping you. You can tag me!

Because this 4 week program has been designed to guide you in a progressive, accurate and methodical way with a clear and simple structure and based on Carmen Mar´s experience and advices. You will also receive personal support & motivation from your teacher and a loving community.
Are you going to give me materials and resources?
Yes. Once you sign up for the program, you will have 2 downloadable documents as bonus content .
1. Calendar of the month
2. Diary for your notes and reflections

A computer with internet access (mobile devices are possible but not ideal)
Your yoga mat
Comfortable clothing

If we have the consent of the group, we will record all the sessions so that you can enjoy them any time during that month and we will send them to you.

Strengthen your Body, Mind & Will power

49 €

TAX included