Contemporary dance technique

The session embraces a combination of structured exercises and improvisation as a way to generate new ways of moving composing and stimulating creativity. Carmen's classes are influenced by different contemporary dance techniques such as Release, Graham, Cunningham and Limon and include elements of yoga. Throughout the class, methods such as suspension, isolation, rebound, weight, fall and recovery will be explored to find subtle qualities and articulation in the expression of the movement. Dance sequences will emphasize the use of breathing, traveling, intention and musicality. The purpose of the class is to maximise the students potential by offering a positive environment that constitutes a physical, intellectual and emotional challenge whilst having lots of fun!

Dance Cocktail

Let yourself be surprised, have fun and get energized with the Dance Cocktail! You will enjoy a mix of creative contemporary dance, yoga stretches and meditative relaxation. This workshop is focused on creating new ways of movement, dissolving the boundaries between different forms of dance and letting go the inner flow through guided improvisation, scores, tasks, games, multisensorial stimulus and active meditation. The use of images will be provided to awaken new kinaesthetic experiences and awareness. With a background in dance and yoga, Carmen Mar teaching combine the thorough understanding of alignment, adjustments and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement. Her classes are empower to improve dancer’s creative mind, strength, mobility, flexibility, stamina and prana and they are always revitalizing and inspirational. Her unique and supportive style of teaching and her keen sense of humour leave the students with a smile on their face and softness in their heart. The Dance Cocktail is directed towards all participants and no dance experience is necessary, just be ready to be surprised about your unlimited creativity and enjoy yourself!

Camasha Vilaya- street contemporary dance fusion

This session blends street dance with contemporary to explore new dynamics and ways of expression. The students will develop coordination, stamina, strength, flexibility, sense of rhythm, and they will be able to break their usual patterns of movement and become for instance more free and more creative. They will be introduced to basic B-boy footwork, power moves, freezes and floorwork in the warm up that afterwards will be interpreted in a contemporary approach. The workshop is led by the two dancers Carmen Mar Chris "Shabba" Raap.