Yoga for dancers and athletes

Whether you are a dancer —no matter the style — or an athlete —competitive or amateur —, your performance can benefit from the integration of Yoga into your training. Dancers and athletes who practice yoga stand to gain muscle strength, awareness of alignment, joint stability, and inner focus for their work. Yoga has become a core part of the training schedule of many acclaimed dance companies including Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Cirque du Soleil and diverse athletes because of its great body/mind/sprit benefits.

A dancer/athlete needs balance for the many hours of training and rehearsals, the highs and lows of auditions and competitions, heavy touring schedules, and the periods off in between projects.

So I would like to share the tool kit from Yoga practice and philosophy that supported every stage in my career as a professional dancer with you!

The aim of these sessions is to leave you feeling inspired, strengthened, empowered and relaxed!


Dance meditation & Mindfulness

Absolutely no dance experience necessary! Guided by music and visualisations resonating to the chakras, be taken on a dance journey through your own energy centres. This workshop will help you to explore the power of dance on a humans psychological, emotional and physical development and understand its roots in the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit. We will look into our instincts, sexuality, power, loving and communication abilities, intuition and spirituality. You will reduce tensions, deepen your connection of body and mind and increase your energy level. Join this session to have a taste of freedom and take that sensation into your life!


Partner Yoga, Contact Improvisation & Thai Massage

This workshop brings people together through movement awareness and touch. It is a wonderful way to create and nurture trust, strengthen communication, reduce anxiety and help to heal the body. Explore the balance of self-connection and connection with others, learning the fundamentals of a dance technique called CI and Thai Yoga Massage and enjoying the “partner yoga” experience whether is with your lover, friend, family ´s member or somebody else mind alike who you meet in the workshop!


It's a new season.

The perfect time to adopt your yoga practise to the changing seasonal routines

“Spring Detoxing”
“Flexible spine for flexible mind in Winter”
“Restorative Summer”
“Inversions in Autumn”


HOW can we regulate our inner water within practice? By learning how to flow, you will improve your lymphatic and immunity system. I will share my tips as a professional dancer and yoga teacher with primary lymphedema, looking into how to drain your lymphsnods and boost your immunity though Inverted asanas, Pranayama, Dhyana - inverted postures, breathing, meditation- and massage. If you have issues with your metabolism, blood circulation, digestive and lymphatic system and you catch always a cold in winter time, this masterclass is for you!


Nada Yoga

Discover the joy of Nada Yoga and experience the healing power of sound with a Kirtan.

Whether you wish to increase your ability to still the mind for meditation, see how the vibration of your own voice can be used to enhance your existing yoga practice, learn new powerful techniques to stimulate the chakras, or are simply curious about a lesser-known branch of yoga that’s hard to find in the city, the Yoga of Sound workshop might be just what you’re looking for.

The Yoga of Sound also known as Nada yoga is “union through sound”. The union of body, mind and spirit. Nada has the same place in Yoga as energy has in science. We can’t see energy, but we can feel it as vibrations. All energy, all vibrations generate sound. Sound is one way for us to experience this energy."

You are invited to move, play, sweat, stretch, sound, unwind, renew, heal, release, sing and transform and connect with the power that resides in YOU!

Pop up yoga

Yoga in a café, museum, park, or somewhere exclusive?

A serie of unique yoga events to make living a healthy and active lifestyle more fun and sociable in the city. The aim is bringing yoga out of the studio into YOUR life. Urban spaces from art galleries and bars to parks, hotels and more. These series of classes are for all levels, perfect for the beginner or the more experienced yogi who is looking to work on their fundamentals. Each session is designed to create a fun, accepting environment making it easy to meet new friends and discover health and wellness in new and exciting ways.

If you are interested in bringing any of my workshops alive, Contact Carmen Mar