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Empowerment coaching for lymphedema warriors

Frequently Asked Questions

Book a Free Discovery Call (15 minutes) to see how can I support you best.

1:1 session (45 min) to explore one of your challenges, evaluate your current health habits, and lymphedema self care routines and find support.

The sessions are in Zoom so you only need Internet and the Zoom application.
If you are not registered yet, here you have the link to do so and download the application. I will send you an invitation to access the meeting by clicking on the link. Please check your spam if you do not receive an email.

Sessions cannot be cancelled, but you can change the day/time as indicated below.
Mentoring session reservations do not have a refund under any circumstances.
If you have booked a session and later you want to change the date of the appointment, you can request a change of day/time within the next 30 calendar days. You can only make a single change to the day and time of the session, that is, if you change the time and then want to change it again you will not be able to do so. If there are no available times in the agenda for you to make the change, we will give you a couple of options within the next 30 calendar days so that you can choose from.
If you do not show up for the session, for any reason, there is no possibility of changing the time or refund of the money.
Once the session is completed, there is no possibility of refunding the money.

Normally I open the agenda each month with hours available to be reserved for individual mentoring.

  • No Liability for Client Decisions: The coach accepts no liability for any decisions made by the client based on advice or information provided during the coaching session(s). It is understood that the client retains full responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  • Non-Substitution for Medical Advice: These sessions are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They are intended solely as educational and supportive sessions for enhancing overall wellbeing. The coach is not qualified to diagnose or treat any health or medical condition.
  • Indemnification: By using this website and participating in coaching sessions, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless [Coach’s Name] from any claims, liabilities, damages, injuries, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from your use or misuse of the website and coaching services.