Reclaim your health and inner joy

I support fellow people with lymphedema like you break free from the struggle, manage your condition and boost your wellbeing so that you can feel UNSTOPPABLE!


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  • struggle with your painful swelling, to feel insecure about your looks, and the loneliness you experience because of it
  • feel stress and anxiety about your condition worsening because you don’t know the daily empowerment practices required to effectively manage it.
  • be overwhelmed and unmotivated with the daily maintenance routines -compression stockings, bandages, visiting therapists, exercise, diet…

Many medical professionals don’t know how to help or even worse they tell you that there is no cure. So you need to find the missing pieces yourself which believe me when I say is a long slow and painful road.

But, I refused to believe this was the end of the road for me and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE it is for you too!

This is why, I´ ve created an

easy step by step system

that takes inspiration from the essential daily empowerment practices based in yoga principles, complete decongestive therapy (CDT), positive psychology, embodiment practices & mindset that I followed myself for years.

These practices have not only created real results in my daily life with Lymphedema

…but also my client lives so that they can experience a deep sense of self love and acceptance and confidently live an active, balanced and joyful lifestyle they love!

My Offeroings

Meet me where you need me

Carmen Mar teaching yoga workshop with headset


Empowerment coaching for Lymphedema warriors

Break free from the physical, mental and emotional struggle and receive personalized support to reclaim your life!

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Online Courses

Short and practical courses that tackle one specific topic you might be dealing with such as acceptance and self love, keeping the swollen leg under control or managing the constant care of your condition.

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Events & Retreats

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Free Recources

Mindset Mastery

Join my 10 day challenge and discover the 10 mindset shifts for successfully managing your Lymphedema. I encourage you to reclaim your mental and emotional health, and feel like you can achieve ANYthing you want in life!

This is for you if you are…

  • Dealing with this chronic condition for years and you’re still struggling physically, mentally & emotionally.
  • You have been recently diagnosed with Lymphedema and you just don’t know where to start.
  • Dealing with painful swelling due to your Lymphedema.
  • Struggling with stress, anxiety & fears about the worsening of your condition.
  • Realizing that effectively gaining control of your condition requires consistent daily maintenance routines but you just feel exhausted, overwhelmed and lacking of motivation.
  • Craving self- love & acceptance.

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My Blog

Your Source for Lymphedema and Yoga Wisdom


I’m Carmen Mar

Yoga teacher specialized in the Lymphatic system, empowerment coach and fellow lypmhedema warrior.

After more than a decade working as a professional dancer, yoga mentor and thought my own experience with Primary Lymphedema, I have chosen to dedicate my life to helping people who have been diagnosed with lymphedema who like me were suffering from

  • keeping the swollen limb under control
  • managing the constant care of this condition
  • living the life they truly desire!

I ´m honored and excited to support you along your journey with my free resources, programs, retreats, events and tips on my social media.

Carmen Mar in Tanzhaus
Carmen Mar Vrksasana Treepose in front of Ram Jula Ganges with cow in Rishikesh
Happy Carmen Mar throughing up petals in a backyard

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