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10 Tips on Traveling by Plane with Lymphedema

Swollen and heavy legs after a long flight?

Being seated and inactive in confined spaces for journeys lasting more than 4 hours can slow down blood circulation and saturate the lymphatic system. As a result, we retain fluids and experience that sensation of swelling and heaviness in our legs, increasing the risk of developing “traveler’s thrombosis.”

If you know me or follow me on social media, you’ll know how much I love to travel. I want to remind you that if you have lymphedema like me or are among the at-risk population (people without lymph nodes or those exposed to radiation therapy), this situation should not be an impediment to continue traveling.

Here are my 10 tips for traveling by plane with lymphedema:

  1. Avoid stress – Pack your suitcase and plan your trip well in advance, try to sleep during the journey, practice breathing and relaxation exercises during the flight, and don’t forget to give yourself some relaxation time during your vacation.
  2. Stay hydrated – Opt for water instead of caffeine or alcohol.
  3. Travel with lightweight luggage to avoid overburdening your body.
  4. Keep everything you need to treat your lymphedema in your carry-on bag. It should be easily accessible at all times. This way, we’ll also prevent it from getting lost in checked luggage.
  5. Include products to protect your skin and prevent infections: moisturizer, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and antiseptics.
  6. I always carry my Pinofit ball in my suitcase. It takes up little space and is perfect for self-massage of the fascia and preventing fibrosis.
  7. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear that won’t cause chafing.
  8. Wear your compression stockings or bandages and carry spares.
  9. Choose an aisle seat for easier access to get up and move around for 5-10 minutes every hour.
  10. Exercise and stretch whenever possible. On the plane, before boarding, or while waiting for your luggage. Here’s a mini yoga session at the airport for you:

[Include your mini yoga session or provide a link to it.]

Safe travels! Enjoy your journey!🌍✈️

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